Types of finishes

Forged wheels made to individual order allow you to customize not only the design but above all the finish and color of the wheel. If you are looking for a non-standard finish, use our powder coating shop, where numerous alternative colors are waiting for you. Thanks to this, you will give your wheels a personalized look, tailored to your preferences. Below you’ll find our standard palette of finishes.

Finish colors

Another color? No problem.

Wheels made to individual order give you freedom.

When deciding to purchase custom-made wheels, in addition to fully personalized parameters, pattern and finish, you can also choose the color of the wheel. In the case of 2- and 3-piece wheels, it is possible to combine different finishing methods and colors.

For customers who want the highest possible form of wheel customization, we offer a wheel painting service according to the buyer’s individual guidelines. Wheels with an accent referring to the body color? No problem! Our paint shop will meet the highest requirements.

Types of finishes

Brushed Aluminum

The most popular and exclusive wheel finish. Hand brushing is a process in which the surface is worked by hand. The result of the work is a subtle pattern that gives the wheels a distinctive and luxurious look. This finish is appreciated by car enthusiasts for its exclusive appearance.

High Gloss

High-gloss finishing of aluminum wheels is a process that gives the wheel a shiny, smooth and very elegant, classic look. The high gloss achieved is the result of careful polishing, which eliminates all imperfections and gives the rim a smooth surface.


The satin finish is as popular as the brushed finish. It is characterized by a delicate matte shine, which gives the wheel an elegant and modern look. Thanks to its subtle texture, satin highlights the wheels pattern and its numerous millings and breaks. It is an ideal choice for people looking for a balance between elegance and practicality in the appearance of their car – satin is relatively easy to maintain when it comes to cleanliness.

Diamond Cut

The “diamond cut” finish is an advanced process of machining aluminum wheels, which involves precise cutting and grinding of the rim surface using diamond blades, thus creating a characteristic pattern and a shiny effect. The diamond cut highlights the “bare aluminum” on the front of the rim.


Textured finish wheels typically have a matte or semi-matte appearance that may resemble a grainy or rough texture. The textured finish can help hide minor imperfections or dirt, making the rims easier to maintain. It is a popular choice for people looking for something different than the traditional: high gloss or matte finishes.