One wheel. Many designs.

Discover endless customization possibilities with Inventa wheels from Turismo. Each Inventa kit consists of a lightweight base wheel and interchangeable spokes and inserts, allowing you to create new wheel designs with ease and flexibility. The unique Inventa system allows you to dynamically change the appearance of your car, saving both time and money.

Wheels done
with flowforming technology.

INVENTA wheels are manufactured using flowforming technology. The flowform wheels production technology is a unique combination of lightness, durability and aesthetics. In the flowforming process, mechanical processing achieves ideal parameters, enabling the optimal shape and structure of the rim.

The main advantages of this technology are a significant reduction in the weight of the wheel while increasing durability, which translates into improved vehicle performance, including better acceleration and braking.

Customize your wheel with INVENTA accessories

The wheels are available in two
color variants

INVENTA wheels are a modern solution available in two color variants – Matte Black and Machined Silver. Offered in sizes from 19 to 22 inches, they provide flexibility to suit individual preferences. Choose INVENTA to give your car a unique look and enjoy excellent quality of workmanship.

3 reasons to choose INVENTA

Change the looks

The main element that distinguishes INVENTA wheels from the competition is the ability to freely change the appearance of the wheel using a system of proprietary arms and inserts.


INVENTA wheels are manufactured using flowforming technology, thanks to which they are characterized by increased durability while reducing the weight of the wheel.


You have complete flexibility. Each element of the INVENTA system can be purchased at any time. This applies to wheels, arms and inserts.

Sample setups

The INVENTA system allows you to change the appearance of the wheel in the comfort of your home. Interchangeable accessories allow you to create different patterns, starting from a “star”, through a “spoke”, to other, much more complicated combinations.