1. Does Turismo have certificates confirming the offered quality?

Yes, our company has successfully undergone the certification process according to ISO 9001:2015 standards conducted by TUV Austria in November 2022. Our wheels are produced according to the European standard EN-10204.

An independent audit resulted in obtaining the ISO9001 Certificate in the field of advanced engineering design, modern prototyping and testing techniques, and the production of aluminum wheels using the highest quality modern materials while maintaining meticulous quality control.

2. Is it possible to make installment payments?

Yes, it is possible to make installment payments. The application is automatically submitted at the final stage of the order. Everything is processed through Przelewy24 after selecting this payment option. After filling out the form, you will receive a credit decision within a few minutes.

3. What is flow-forming?

Flow-forming is one of the methods of wheel production, involving the thermal processing of a preformed aluminum disc. This process consists of stretching the wheel rim into its final shape and then cooling it to the desired form. This method is used only in mass production, resulting in lightweight and durable wheels at an attractive price.

4. What does "forged" mean?

The term "forged" refers to a method of manufacturing wheels, which involves processing 6061 aluminum on a CNC machine. The modern technologies available in our manufacturing facility allow for almost complete flexibility in designing and producing patterns. Thanks to this, we are able to bring to life the visions of our most demanding customers.

5. Is a forged wheel compatible with my car?

A forged wheel will always be compatible because the design process does not limit us in any way. Forged wheels are created from start to finish based on individual customer orders. This means that through complete parameter customization, we achieve a perfectly matched offset.

6. Can I use spacers with forged wheels?

We strive to ensure that our parameters, after individual measurements, align the wheel perfectly with the fender without the need for spacers. However, if the need arises, installing spacers will not pose any technical problem.

7. What is the difference between flow-formed wheels and forged aluminum wheels?

Flow-formed wheels differ primarily in material and production method from forged aluminum wheels, which simultaneously impact their weight, strength, and price. The undeniable advantage of forged wheels is that we can produce highly advanced, completely individual designs with much greater detail. This is why the prices of forged wheels are often several times higher.

Among the advantages of wheels produced by the flow-forming method are their low weight, greater durability compared to low-pressure cast wheels, and an attractive price resulting from large production volumes.

8. Why is a forged wheel three times more expensive than flow-formed/cast wheels?

The design and production of forged wheels involve a much more advanced and time-consuming process. Producing a set requires the full involvement of engineers and specialists, whose work is essential at every stage of creating an individual design. This is a type of specialization that cannot be replaced by automation. Mass production, on the other hand, is almost entirely automated. The price is also influenced by the cost of the material – hardened aluminum is twice as expensive as liquid aluminum.

9. Is a flow-formed wheel compatible with my car?

Several fundamental factors influence the compatibility of a wheel with your car – size, width, bolt pattern, and offset (ET). If you have doubts about whether the wheel set in your shopping cart is suitable for your vehicle or simply need assistance, we encourage you to contact us.

10. What material is the flow-form wheel made of, and what about the forged wheel?

The flow-form wheel is made of A356 aluminum, while the forged wheel is made of aluminum 6061.

11. Where can you see Turismo wheels?

Turismo wheels can be seen in our showroom located in Wrocław, as well as at our distributors, whose current list and map can be found in the CONTACT section.

  • Hydra Performance, Lesser Poland Voivodeship
  • City Vinci, Lublin Voivodeship
  • Rotate It, Lublin Voivodeship

12. What factors affect the weight of the wheels?

The weight of the wheels depends not only on the size or width but also on the thickness of the spokes, the complexity of the design, and the manufacturing method.

13. Is it possible to try on the wheels before purchasing?

Yes, it is possible, provided that we are talking about flow-form wheels and that we have a specific model in the appropriate parameters in stock.

14. Can I return forged wheels? What is the return timeframe?

Forged wheels cannot be returned as they are custom-made upon individual orders.

15. Can I return flow-form wheels?

Yes, flow-form wheels can be returned provided that you have the purchase receipt. The returned item must be in its original packaging and in undamaged condition. The exact return policy is described HERE..

16. What does a complete Inventa set consist of?

A complete Inventa set includes:

  • Wheels (4 pieces)
  • 20 inserts
  • 20 arms
  • 40 front mounting screws
  • Arm mounting kit

17. Do I need to balance the wheels after every arm or insert change?

No, changing arms and inserts each time does not require wheel balancing under any circumstances. It is only recommended.

18. I like the design of wheels from another company, can you produce them for me?

We never engage in plagiarism. In such situations, we always propose a new, original design that aligns with the customer's taste and meets their expectations. The significant advantage of forged wheels is their almost complete lack of limitations.

19. How long does it take to produce a custom set of wheels? Is a prepayment required?

The entire process, from the initial design to the delivery of the wheels to the customer, takes approximately 8-10 weeks. In the case of custom projects, a prepayment of 100% of the order is always required. From the moment of payment of the pro forma invoice, the production time is approximately 4-6 weeks.

20. Where is the headquarters and manufacturing facility of Turismo located?

Turismo's headquarters is located in Wrocław at 59 Legnicka Street, office U2, while the manufacturing facility is in Ningbo.

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