Production technologies

Turismo Forged Wheels
made of forged 6061 aluminum

Wheels made of forged aluminum are a solution with unique mechanical properties resulting from their advanced production process. Initially, as a prefabricated element, they go through a process of heat treatment and material thickening.

Heat treatment is a key step, introducing initial plasticization of the material and eliminating any dams created during casting of the prefabricated element. The next stage is the thickening process, which makes the aluminum not only exceptionally durable, but also lighter than traditional cast rims.

The wheels, manufactured using forged technology, are precisely cut using advanced CNC machines with 3 and 5 axes, which further emphasizes their modern character. This innovative production method guarantees not only excellent quality, but also precision and durability, making forged aluminum wheels an extremely attractive choice for automotive enthusiasts.

Flowform wheels
and INVENTA wheels

Our offer includes wheels using flowform technology. This process involves stretching a cast prefabricated element on a rotating drum using thermal treatment. The advantages of this modern technology include an increase in material stiffness, weight reduction compared to low-pressure cast wheels and a more competitive production cost compared to milling forged rims.

Wheels made using flowforming technology are a solution dedicated to mass production, where the minimum production volumes are usually several hundred pieces of wheels. In our production process, we use A356 aluminum for hardened castings, and our factory has the ISO standard, which is confirmed by TUV Nord control units, thus guaranteeing high quality, repeatability and standardization.

INVENTA system
(ABS injection)

The production of inserts and arms for INVENTA wheels is a process that uses plastic injection technology (ABS injection). This comprehensive system consists of various elements, and the entire design process is divided into two main phases: graphic design and CAD design.

First, we create a sketch of the object, transferring the design vision to a three-dimensional model in a CAD program. Each CAD model then undergoes virtual testing, checking its durability, response to heat and reduction of turbulence in the spokes area. The arm production process requires the creation of an injection mold (mother) and internal inserts of the injection mold, which give the final shape to each element.

It is worth emphasizing that the ecological aspect plays an important role in the production of replaceable elements of the Inventa system. The arms and inserts are made of recycled black PP injection regranulate. Additionally, each arm is equipped with rubber protectors on the edges, which are also produced from recycled materials, made of silicone.