Your wheel your way

World’s first aluminium wheels with interchangeable elements

the look
with ease

Change the appearance of your car’s wheels whenever you want.

Thanks to the Inventa system it is possible and takes less than 2 hours.

Why purchase new wheels every season? Use Inventa!

Inventa System

Base wheel

Based on timeless 5-spoke design approach.

Inventa base wheels are durable and attractively priced. Created in the flowforming process – thermal treatment of a previously formed aluminum disc.

Inserts & Arms

An innovative approach to fill gaps in rim designs!

Inventa inserts & arms are created using ABS injection technology. They are characterized by high durability and relatively low price.

It’s all about unlocking your style

Build Inventa the way you want

Changing the look every season or even every month?


With Inventa, you can change the look of your wheels and therefore the design, whenever you want.


All you need are hex (allen) keys and a few hours.

Hundreds of visual combinations

With Inventa system you are the designer, mix the arms and inserts to your taste.

For now, we’ve prepared 6 arms and 2 inserts to be used within the system!

Made of ABS plastic, coated in two colors allow to customize the Inventa wheels in your way.


More arms and inserts designs are under way!

Fitted for most popular cars on the market

Over 40 car brands and 250 car models in our application guide


8.5J, 9.5J


9J, 10.5J


9J, 10.5J


9J, 10.5J

Crafted with details

Research & development of Inventa took us over 4 years of work

Inventa was created as a solution to the fundamental problems of the aftermarket wheels. The Inventa system solves problems such as wait time, price, customizability and wide adaptation to many cars on the market.

It is the result of all these elements that makes Inventa an ideal solution for car tuning fans.

The first concept work on the Inventa began in the late 2019, when the rough design poured onto a sheet of paper took the form of a physical prototype with forged aluminium and 3D printed accessories. The first physical prototype confirmed the concept and, at the same time, the enormity of the work that lay ahead.

The next step was to attract an external investor and a design specialist. Adam Śmiałek, an engineer and designer, joined our team.

Throughout the development of the project, we repeatedly came across dead ends. Thanks to a skilled team, we managed to get out of the loops and strive forward.

The hard and strenuous work of the entire team (sales, engineering, marketing) allowed us to show the world the innovative solution, Inventa wheels and it’s accessories.

We are proud to present Inventa to you.

We believe that it will allow you to express your style and build designs exactly the way you want them.

Prototyping using 3D prints gave us many opportunities and allowed to clarify solutions to problems so the product you will use is perfect.

During prototyping phase we’ve started to add more and more flavour to the dish – carbon fiber arms and inserts… yummy!

Black and white are just classy and always a good combinations. Stylish, fitting so many designs options. Mixed with silver? Splendid.

Prototypes went to a various real life tests, including driving for an extended period of time – prototype #3 was used for over 20000 km (without a scratch).

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