Turismo TF1

A remarkable and lightweight design of forged rim, manufactured using forged (CNC) technology from durable 6061 aluminum. The design is available in 5×112 and 5×120 spacing.

Turismo TF1

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Specs Turismo TF1

Aluminium 6061

Forged wheels are made of durable aluminum alloys, mainly series 6. Magnesium and silicon are the basic additives of 6XXX alloys, which are characterized by high strength, good plasticity and very good corrosion resistance.

Lifetime warranty on the coating

Each of our products has a lifetime warranty on the paint coating.

Modern design

Our wheel designs are constantly updated or replaced with new designs so that you can choose a wheel that perfectly suits your style and car!

Compatibility with OEM accessories

The wheels we designed work with, among others: with standard air pressure sensors (TPMS).

Detailed quality control

Thanks to the ISO9001 Quality Management System implemented in Turismo, we carefully control each wheel at the production stage to ensure that the product you receive meets all quality standards.

Forged Design

Wheel production method involving the processing of 6061 aluminum on a CNC machine. Modern technologies available in our factory allow for almost complete freedom in terms of the designed and manufactured pattern. Forged wheels are created from start to finish to the individual customer's order. This means that thanks to the complete personalization of the parameters, we obtain a perfectly matched offset.

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Quality Control

The implementation of the ISO9001 Quality Management System into Turismo initiated a highly detailed, multi-stage delivery control that helps detect potential post-production problems. At the same time, a new position was created in the company structure - Quality Control Specialist. A qualified employee examines each wheel manufactured at Turismo.

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