About Us

We are a group of automotive enthusiasts with a keen sense of aesthetics, combined with a creative team of professionals with extensive experience in 3D production and design.

Our wheels help car owners enhance the appearance and performance of their vehicles. We achieve this through a personalized approach, understanding the customer's needs, and delivering a high-quality product tailored to their expectations.

With meticulous attention to every detail of the process, we design and manufacture modern aluminum wheels for passenger cars in accordance with the international quality standard ISO 9001:2015. Since the inception of our brand, we have accumulated over 350 successful projects and have built a unique community around our brand.

The History of Turismo

The Turismo brand was established in February 2018 in response to the market demand for customized, flawlessly individualized wheel products. It all began in a small design studio located in Wrocław, where prototypes, designs, and production technology were developed.

The founder of the brand, Wojciech Maląg, had spent several previous years working in the automotive industry, progressively gathering feedback from clients he served, thereby accumulating valuable experience. With each subsequent project, he became more attuned to the needs of his customers. This led to the idea of creating custom wheels in a completely different style, free from design limitations. 

From the beginning, each set of forged wheels was meticulously crafted with the individual vision of the customer in mind. This approach remains unchanged to this day for forged wheels. Currently, the Turismo brand offers several product lines, ranging from forged wheel sets to mass-market solutions like Inventa, as well as standard wheels produced using the flow forming method. 

Interestingly, Turismo was initially intended to specialize in visual tuning. However, after encountering numerous challenges in collaborating with leading wheel manufacturers at the time, Wojciech forged a partnership with the first manufacturing facility capable of creating new designs for forged wheels to meet the unique requirements of his projects.Turismo's first product was an individually customized wheel produced through outsourcing. 

Right from its inception, the Turismo brand made a significant impact on the market because the projects featuring our wheels stood out prominently among other vehicles. This was largely attributed to the unique design, coherence, and individual parameterization, all of which had a profound effect on the overall aesthetic of the projects.

To meet the constantly growing demands of the market, we have been consistently working on improving our production processes and developing and implementing innovative solutions. As a result, we have been steadily expanding our team with specialists and engineers. Every day, we transform various visions of our clients into reality.

ISO 9001 Certification

In November 2022, Turismo underwent the certification process according to the ISO 9001 standard. As a company, we have joined the prestigious group of businesses holding the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System certificate issued by TUV Austria.

In practice, this means that every aspect of Turismo, from customer service to design and production, adheres to the highest international standards set by TUV.

An independent audit conducted by TUV Austria resulted in the attainment of the ISO 9001 certificate for advanced engineering design, modern prototyping and testing techniques, and the manufacturing of aluminum wheels using the highest-quality modern materials while maintaining meticulous quality control.

President of the Board, Product Director

Wojciech Maląg

The founder of the brand, Wojciech Maląg, has been involved in car modifications for over twelve years. He has been engaged in the distribution and production of car wheels for almost a decade.

Thanks to his passion for building impressive projects, he has become a recognized figure in the Polish and European automotive and tuning scene. For the past three years, he has been closely associated with wheel production engineering. He is the creator of the modular Inventa wheel.

Member of the Board, Managing Director

Michał Elżbieciak

A co-founder of Turismo, Michał Elżbieciak is responsible for managing all areas of the business, with a special focus on creating, implementing, and monitoring the company's strategy. He is an experienced C-level manager and a private investor with capital and operational involvement in the automotive, financial, insurance, medical, and real estate industries. In his private life, he is passionate about snowboarding, skiing, diving, and aviation.

Member of the Board, Investor

Artur Paziewski

Former Turismo Client... today, a Member of the Board and Investor. Privately, a long-time enthusiast of the automotive industry, participating in the Racing Car Championships of Poland, as well as a collector of unique and rare car models. A businessman active in the IT industry.

Member of the Board

Szymon Banaś

Specialist in the aluminum industry closely related to wheel production. An entrepreneur with years of experience in his field. Privately, a collector of supercars.

Finance Director

Paweł Mańkowski

A financial and banking analyst with extensive experience. At Turismo, he oversees the finances and supervises internal operational processes as the Director. He is responsible for both short-term and long-term strategies for the company's budgets.

Marketing & Creative Manager

Paweł Szymula

Responsible for developing and executing marketing strategies at Turismo. With over 16 years of experience in various positions in different industries, including software houses, e-commerce, and professional B2B services. He is also an organizer and co-creator of automotive (JAPFEST, Sakura) and e-sports (Gaming Grounds, Hall of Games) brands/events. Privately, he is a fan of Japanese culture, motorsport, and good books.

Head Engineer

Adam Śmiałek

An engineer with a passion for automotive technology. His acquired experience is based on designing structures in automotive, heavy industry, production machinery, and electronics sectors. At Turismo, he is responsible for engineering-compliant design, prototyping, and testing of new solutions. Privately, he modifies cars based on technical knowledge, and his projects can be seen at renowned automotive gatherings.

Social Media Manager

Ewelina Maląg

At Turismo, she is responsible for creating and implementing communication strategies with customers in selected social media channels, as well as monitoring their execution.

She also conducts analyses and statistics for social media campaigns and plans and moderates the brand's presence on social media. Constantly changing marketing trends, combined with personal ambition and charisma, make her enjoy expanding her horizons and enhancing her skills by participating in various training programs. Privately, she has been passionate about both two and four-wheeled automotive since childhood.

3D Graphic Designer

Maciej Jutrzenka

At Turismo, he is responsible for the 3D graphic pipeline, including animations, visualizations, and 3D rendering. He also deals with process automation and preliminary wheel design. For the past two years, he has been heavily involved in the Inventa project. He has been involved in various aspects of graphics for over 14 years. He is fascinated by learning the secrets and solutions used in motorsport, which he is personally interested in.

Key Account Manager

Paweł Dudzik

A specialist in vehicle visual modifications. At Turismo, he is responsible for sales, selecting wheel parameters, and serving individual customers. Privately, he is a motoring enthusiast. He has been involved in the Polish tuning scene for many years and was a former co-organizer of the DUB IT! Tuning Festival.

Key Account Manager

Łukasz Kukuła

Specialist in mechanical and visual tuning. He has been involved in the automotive industry for over ten years. He has built his extensive experience while working as a distributor for many global wheel brands. At Turismo, he is responsible for serving individual clients. Privately, he is a fan of fast, well-sounding four-wheelers.

Key Account Manager

Przemysław Krupa

Responsible for sales, wheel parameter selection, and serving individual clients at Turismo. A specialist in the modification and personalization of unique car models. Privately, he is passionate about sports motorcycles and well-sounding muscle cars.

Office Manager

Natalia Borowska

Responsible for office organization, general administration, and managing the online store at Turismo. Her involvement in the automotive industry began relatively recently, but her presence at Turismo quickly instilled a passion for automobiles in her. Privately, she is a psychology student.

Junior Graphic Designer

Jakub Wesołowski

A wheel designer developing under the watchful eye of our engineer, Adam Śmiałek. Passionate about cars since childhood. Creative, constantly looking for new ideas and solutions. He studies car tuning and construction at the University of Technology in Warsaw. In his free time, he enjoys extreme sports, including snowboarding and wakeboarding.

Logistics Specialist

Arkadiusz Kant

A logistics professional with extensive experience in serving global clients. He holds a master's degree in Project Management. At Turismo, he is responsible for organizing transportation and optimizing the supply chain while maintaining all standards and the art of transportation. Privately, he is interested in anime/manga, horror, and the world of fantasy. He is a lover of all animals.

Showroom Turismo, a unique place on the automotive map of Poland.

We have always wanted to create a place that has never existed before. Our over 400-square-meter showroom located in the center of Wrocław was designed with the exceptional community gathered around the Turismo brand in mind, which has been steadily growing in strength year after year. This modern and functional interior will serve several important functions on a daily basis. It will not only be our office but also a place where unique projects will be created. In the showroom, you will also be able to get a close look at our rims or purchase various types of branded accessories.

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