Forged Aluminum WheelsFull customization tailored to your needs

Indywidualna parametryzacja oparta na profesjonalnych pomiarach

Forged wheels are the flagship product in our offering. The possibility of complete customization makes them the perfect choice for the most demanding customers who like to stand out from the crowd.

Our engineering and design expertise allows us to produce entirely individual wheels that perfectly complement your car's design. Precision measurement guarantees wheels with ideal parameters for any car model.

Available sizes:

  • For monoblock wheels: 15” – 24”
  • For two-piece forged wheels: 18” – 23”
  • For three-piece forged wheels: 13” – 22”

The quality of every wheel produced by Turismo is confirmed by the ISO9001 certificate.

We are the only ones in Poland with a warehouse stocked with hundreds of already produced forged wheels, available immediately.

In our online store, you'll find 10 carefully selected wheel models tailored to the most popular cars.

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    "One of One" forged wheels

    Turismo's individual "one of one" forged wheels are projects designed from start to finish, tailored to your preferences. The buyer receives a guarantee in the form of a licensing agreement and a certificate confirming that the designed wheels will be produced by Turismo only once.

    Would you like to have unique wheels?


    Designing forged wheels is an advanced process that takes place entirely in our studio in Wrocław. We divide this process into two stages - graphic and CAD...

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    3D Rendering

    3D rendering allows us to visually represent the customer's vision – combining their car model in a chosen body color with the selected wheel model in the preferred finish...

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    Our machinery and human resources enable us to produce high-quality forged wheels in highly personalized specifications and designs.

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