InventaChanging the design without the need to buy a new set of wheels

Inventa - changing the Design Without the Need to Buy a New Set of Wheels

Sample Inventa configurations

The Inventa system allows for a radical change in the appearance of your wheels in the comfort of your own home. Interchangeable accessories enable the creation of completely different designs, ranging from "star" to "spoke" and other, much more intricate combinations.


Benefits of using Inventa

Change the design
in 20 minutes

Simple and quick replacement of modular arms and inserts. Pioneering technology allows for DIY changes without the need for a visit to an auto shop.


You purchase the base wheel only once and have fun changing arms or inserts. You save money and time, without worrying about selling wheels when you get bored – Inventa never gets boring! A longer product lifecycle also means care for the environment.

Low weight
of the base wheel

Inventa is up to 30% lighter than a regular wheel. A lightweight wheel means a low unsprung mass, which directly affects acceleration, handling, and braking.

Ideal for
electric cars

Inventa is a compatible solution with an ever-growing list of electric cars. For battery-powered motors, every kilogram saved and the utilization of pressure surfaces with lightweight arms translate to more kilometers per charge.

How does the Inventa system work?

Each Inventa kit consists of a base wheel and interchangeable arms and inserts. By swapping or changing the arms, you can create a new design for your wheels. Countless combinations allow you to drastically change your car's appearance at any moment.

How Inventa came to life?

The idea for the Inventa project emerged during the search for completely different solutions that would be an alternative to the wheel designs available on the market. The Inventa project aimed to solve the problems of a limited number of designs, long lead times, high prices, and low-quality wheels produced using casting technology. The R&D process for Inventa took two years. The first Inventa prototype was created three months after technical sketches. The refinement of the product into its final, production version required about 20 wheels and countless arms and inserts. The first prototype differs only slightly from the final production version.

Production technology and availability of goods

Flowforming is the method used to produce large quantities of aluminum wheels. From the very beginning, the Inventa project's goal was to make the wheels accessible to a much larger audience than the group we had reached so far. As a brand closely associated with luxury goods in the form of custom wheel designs, we wanted to enable the purchase of our wheels for people who are less affluent and less demanding. The combination of flowforming technology with the innovative Inventa system allowed Turismo wheels to be used not only by premium car brand owners but also by owners of the most popular, everyday cars, while retaining the ability to customize the wheel design.

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